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This is an article from our website “CHINA TORTURES MUSLIMS”, where we inform English speaking Muslims about China’s brutal persecution of Muslims.

Hundreds of millions of Muslims do not speak Arabic or French (for them we have created our French and Arabic websites), but quite some of them speak English.

For example, the Muslim country of Indonesia has 273 million inhabitants, Pakistan 230 million inhabitants, Bangladesh 70 million inhabitants, and Muslim Malaysia has 33 million inhabitants. These four countries alone have a population of more than 600 million, and the majority of these Muslims have never heard of China’s brutal oppression of Chinese Muslims.

Since many people in the countries mentioned speak English, we have created the English-language website “China Tortures Muslims”.

(In a few months, we want to create a corresponding website in Bengali for the 170 million Bangladeshi, and later also in Urdu for the 230 million Pakistanis, but at the moment, the English-language website has to be sufficient for Muslims living in Asia.)

To give you a first impression, we have implemented in this post the picture of one article posted on your website below the text and headline of the post.

You will get more info by visiting the website “CHINA TORTURES MUSLIMS.”

Now, follows the text and headline of the original post.


Atrocities committed by China against Muslims Surgeons in China extracted the hearts of prisoners before their death especially those of Muslims


Surgeons in China extracted the hearts of prisoners before their death, especially those of Muslims

According to a new Australian study, surgeons in China have extracted the hearts of execution-row inmates before they were medically brain-dead.

The Australian National University study, which was published in the American Journal of Transplantation on Tuesday, looked at thousands of Chinese medical publications published over decades to argue that state-hired surgeons were used to kill inmates through organ transplant operations.

While official Chinese records show that the detainees were brain-dead before the organs were extracted, the study’s researchers claim that this is not the case.

However, this is the first comprehensive investigation to demonstrate that when prisoners’ hearts and lungs were removed from them on the operating table in Chinese state and military hospitals, they were still alive. According to the findings, surgeons were functioning as executioners rather than firing squads, which was a violation of international medical ethics.

“We found that the physicians became the executioners on behalf of the state, and that the method of execution was heart removal,” study co-author and Ph.D. researcher Matthew Robertson said.

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